Tips on Getting Free iTunes Codes

Published: 09th October 2009
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Who doesn't enjoy free products and services? Down loading free stuff with free iTune codes is something most itunes users dream of doing. Itunes is one of the most well liked websites for downloading music but it'll cost you about a dollar a song. That will get nasty costly. You may also download games, audio books and iphone games but they will cost you even more. While the site has a load to offer it can get very dear very fast if you want to do a large amount of downloading. So do you have any other choices and if so what are they.

You have doubtlessly heard of sites that give out free ITune codes but there's usually lots of hunting involved so you want to take care. As far as locating sites that give out tons of free ITune codes they're actually hard to find. Some companies have ITune promos where you can get a free song if you enter the code found under the cap on a bottle of soda but you still have to purchase the item so you don't come out ahead all that much. One other option is that you can try to find folk who don't care about the ITune codes and will dump them. There are websites and forums that are online where folks can trade different codes on a mess of service and goods. Try searching on google by typing in 'itune codes + forum' without the quotes and you may find folk trading codes like it was some type of an underground economy. Watch out on these sites.

A lot of folk in a plan to get free music end up down loading songs from the various file sharing sites that have sprung up across the web. While these are for the most part free they are common with fake and harmful files and the quality of the downloads leaves much to be desired. Thinking you are getting a good deal by down loading songs, flicks and books for free might come back to bite you when your pc crashes or your private info on your drive has been compromised.

there's no guarantee though. If you would like to get Itunes gift cards they can be bought simply online at places such as amazon and ebay, as well as at any amount of retail stores.

With all that having been claimed if you're a real music or flick lover and wish to get excellent quality content you could have to accept the indisputable fact that you're going to either pay or work for it.

To redeem your iTunes present voucher, there are a few needs. You have to first have iTunes on your computer. It's a free download and can be found on Apple's site.

When your account has been made and you log into your iTunes Store account, to the higher right in the iTunes window you will see a link that asserts 'Redeem' simply click the link and enter the sixteen digit iTunes code that's on the back of the iTunes gift voucher.

There are a few web sites around that collect itune codes that people give out and let people view them. One of these sites is listed in the sources below. Sites like these can work, and are generally worth a try.

Itune Codes
iTunes Free Codes
Itune Codes

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